Foxx Wins Primary Election

Foxx statement on winning primary election

Boone, NC – Virginia Foxx today released the following statement on her victory in North Carolina’s June 7th Republican congressional primary election.

“Today the voters of North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District decisively endorsed my record of fighting for limited government, conservative values and strong national security.  I’m honored that they’ve given me the chance to appear on the ballot in the fall and I thank everyone who voted today for their commitment to a functioning democracy.

“Thanks to federal judges tampering with North Carolina elections, this was an unusual year and an unusual campaign.

“But despite the challenges we faced, my campaign’s volunteers and staff and our friends and family never gave up. They worked tirelessly to spread our message of conservative solutions to the tough problems facing our nation which is why I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to each of those who gave their time, energy and resources to make this victory possible.

“The fall election season will soon be upon us and I look forward to continuing the fight for the sort of commonsense conservative solutions that will protect the unborn, reduce taxes, shrink the federal government and preserve our national security.

“It’s a real privilege to represent the people of northwest North Carolina. I promise to work hard both to represent them well and to uphold and defend our Constitution.”

NRA endorses Foxx

Foxx gets “A” rating for strong support of Second Amendment rights

Boone, N.C.—The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund today endorsed Virginia Foxx’s campaign for United States Congress in North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District.  Foxx received the group’s top-rating for her strong support of Americans’ Second Amendment rights.National Rifle Association (NRA)

“Our Founders knew what they were doing when they wrote the Second Amendment and enshrined our right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution,” Foxx said. “I know it drives Washington liberals crazy, but I am proud of my pro-gun record and am honored to receive the NRA’s endorsement.”

“An educated and well-armed citizenry is a bulwark against government tyranny, which is something our Founders knew and experienced first-hand.  So I will continue to oppose any attempt to infringe on Americans’ rights to own and use firearms, because too many brave patriots gave their lives to ensure we could enjoy this constitutional right.”

In their endorsement, the NRA-PVF praised Foxx for standing up for law-abiding gun owners and for opposing President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s efforts to ban lawfully-owned guns, ammo or magazines.  They gave her an “A” rating, their highest rating, as a result of her pro-gun positions on the key Second Amendment issues before Congress.

“We appreciate that you stand on the side of freedom and applaud your work to stop the Obama administration’s unconstitutional attacks on the Second Amendment,” NRA-PVF chairman Chris Cox said in the group’s endorsement of Foxx.

The NRA represents five million members across the country.  It is the world’s largest organization committed to educating Americans about how to safely use and enjoy firearms and to preserving the right to keep as bear arms as enumerated in the Constitution.

Congresswoman Foxx Files for Re-Election for Congressional Primaries Set for June 7

  • March 25, 2016
  • Blog

High Country Press Online

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx filed for reelection today with the North Carolina Board of Elections.  Foxx is running for reelection in North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District, which covers much of northwest North Carolina.

“Our nation is at a historic crossroads,” Foxx said.  “President Obama and his liberal allies have tried to take us down a road of government coercion, higher taxes and soul-crushing regulation.  North Carolina voters from all walks of life tell me virtually every day that we cannot go any farther down that road.

“They are right—which is why I’m running for Congress.

“I’ve been fighting to keep government in check, to lower taxes and give Americans more freedom from government mandates and regulations.  North Carolina families want someone who will stand on principle and who has a strong track record of fighting for, and enacting, conservative solutions to the problems facing our nation.

“Conservative ideas that return power to the people work.  I’m excited to keep fighting for those ideas and to make the case for conservative solutions to the voters, because I’ve seen them work time after time.

“It’s time to put an end to the Obama administration’s era of incompetence and big-government boondoggles.  I’m confident that my record of holding this administration and its liberal allies accountable speaks for itself.  So I promise to continue fighting tirelessly to put conservative ideas to work if given the honor of representing the Fifth District in Congress.”

Foxx is widely recognized for her successes reining in wasteful government spending, enacting commonsense solutions that curtail the growth of government and for standing up for the unborn and for North Carolina families.  As a former small business owner, Foxx also knows the struggles that job creators face and is dedicated to eliminating outdated and burdensome government regulations.

Foxx is considered one of North Carolina’s most conservative members of Congress.  In fact, both the National Journal magazine and the American Conservative Union have ranked Foxx as one of the most conservative members of Congress for her strong track record of supporting commonsense solutions to America’s problems.

North Carolina’s Congressional primaries are currently scheduled to be held on June 7, 2016