Foxx Wins Congressional Debates

Highlights conservative record in three public debates

HICKORY, NC — Today Congresswoman Virginia Foxx debated her opponent at a public forum in Catawba County, which was the third public debate between the candidates so far this month.  In the debate Virginia Foxx highlighted her strong fiscal conservative track-record and detailed the policies she supports to spur job creation and economic growth.

Over the course of the three debates, Virginia also exposed her opponent’s extremely liberal views on taxes, government spending and energy.  Voters also learned that Virginia Foxx’s opponent’s main plan for job creation is more government jobs paid for by North Carolina taxpayers.

After the past three debates, voters know that there is just one proven conservative in this race—Virginia Foxx.  Today’s debate illustrated again that Virginia embraces common sense conservative ideas like reducing government spending, keeping taxes low and empowering small businesses to do what they do best: create jobs.

However, the debate also exposed how out of step her opponent, Elisabeth Motsinger, is with voters in North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District.  Motsinger not only supports big government programs like the trillion dollar health care bill and the failed stimulus program, but wants to make them even bigger and costlier.

The choice this election is between strong conservative values or more of Washington’s failed liberal policies. Unfortunately, Virginia’s liberal opponent would be a rubber stamp for big-government policies that mean more government, more debt, more taxes and less freedom. North Carolina simply cannot afford to send more big government liberals like Motsinger to Washington.

Virginia is working to ensure America remains a beacon of freedom and a land of opportunity for everyone.   Plus, she has a proven track-record of opposing liberal policies that just don’t work.  As today’s debate made clear, Virginia Foxx is a conservative voice that North Carolina families and small businesses can depend on.

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