Foxx Wins Primary Election

Foxx Wins Primary Election – Thank you for your support!

Today Republicans voted to determine who would represent them on the ballot in the fall against the Democrat nominee.  Thanks to the overwhelming support of Republicans across the Fifth Congressional District, I am honored to take our shared vision of conservative solutions into the general election in November. 

Thank you to each voter who made it a priority to vote in the primary this year, even those who did not support me.  Your dedication to our democratic process and to the peaceful transition of elected officials is inspiring and humbling.  Even a straightforward act like voting in a primary is one which helps to preserve our tradition of government by, for, and of the people. 

With today’s win I’m turning my focus to the upcoming general election in November.  It promises to be a tough battle and I will need your support.  But I’m confident that even though winning in the fall will not come easily, our message of small government, individual liberty and common-sense conservative solutions will carry the day. 

Again, I am humbled by the confidence that you have placed in me and I will work tirelessly to uphold that trust as we work toward victory in November.

God Bless,
Virginia Foxx