Foxx Wins!

For the past few years our national political discussion focused on the role that government plays in the lives of citizens.  Increasingly, the question has become, “Must big government expand indefinitely or should the people place limits on the power and scope of government?”

I’ve fought hard to limit the cost, size and power of the federal government.  Over the past several months I ran on that record, and today, the people’s voices were heard.  I am honored and grateful that so many North Carolina voters across the Fifth Congressional District saw fit to send me to represent them in Washington.

My promise remains the same: I will work hard to provide the best possible service to constituents and to protect the freedoms we hold dear.

Tonight I’m also very grateful for my family’s support and the many faithful volunteers and the many others who lent a hand along the way to victory.  Without these dedicated and talented people, today’s win would not have been possible and they deserve to share in celebrating our decisive win.

As we anticipate a new session of congress, North Carolinians can know that I will continue to fight Washington’s culture of out-of-control spending.  Our nation faces very real challenges that we cannot ignore: our national debt grows at a record pace, millions cannot find work, and too many have lost faith in their government’s ability to balance its budget.

The message from Fifth District voters is clear: they are tired of big government and they’ve had enough of federal “solutions” that only make problems worse.

That’s why I’m so excited to continue the work of returning the power back to the people and recapturing the Founders’ vision of limited-government in the upcoming congress.

With gratitude,

Virginia Foxx